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Best Practices in Salesforce: Career Makers and Breakers


From Leadership Connect

Government agencies are trying to put people at the center of their work. the center of everything they do. In the year ahead, they are prioritizing customer experience improvements as a top commitment, even striving to brand and market their programs.

Expectations are constantly evolving and every interaction with the public and intraday-governmental outreach can help build trust. The public sector has historically been slow to adopt new technologies like cloud-based CRM solutions, even if they’ve been established for some time. However, now the public sector is one of the fastest growing user-bases of CRM, with Salesforce in particular acting as a true technology platform.

In a modern era that’s more connected and faster-moving than ever, government organizations face three big challenges:

  • Managing legacy, on-premises systems
  • Meeting ever-rising citizen expectations
  • Maintaining compliance with regulatory requirements that are constantly growing

Tune into this webinar as topic experts explore Salesforce for Government best practices including:

  • Scoping: does Salesforce make sense for my problem
  • Implementation: where do I start?
  • Culture: how do I make sure my team uses Salesforce?
  • Scaling: where could I take Salesforce?

And, learn from experts about what you wished you knew before you committed:

  1. Overcoming integration challenges
  2. DIY data
  3. Realistic timelines


valarie vasquez

Valerie Vasquez

Director of Global Public Policy and Regulatory Strategy
True Anomaly


Marcellus C. Walker Jr., CPM

Chief of 311 Operations
Office of Unified Communications


Michael Crosby

Chief Executive Officer
Leadership Connect

Michael is the CEO of Leadership Connect. He is an inspirational revenue leader adept at building and motivating sales, product, and technology teams in all market environments with a track record of achieving rapid growth in technology, SaaS, big data, analytics and media businesses. He has deep relationships in finance, private equity, law, education, hedge funds, and large corporations.

He has transformed businesses in start-up, turnaround, and Fortune 500 situations and been involved in leading 8 successful M&A integrations as both target and acquirer. This includes driving product and client sales strategy; integrating sales and tech teams, and implementing cost synergies. He has evaluated over 100 M&A opportunities.

Event Details

  • Date: February 1, 2024
  • Time: 2:00 – 3:00 pm ET
  • Live Webinar

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