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Our flagship product, Leadership Connect, helps you advance your policy or sales goals

  • Develop strategic relationships with referrals and deep profiles
  • Pursue prospects with confidence your time and reputation will be preserved
  • Track people who move across government, business, lobbying firms, or media with exclusive data
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Custom Solutions to Increase Productivity

Find Detailed Profiles, Fast
Stakeholder Mapping
Policy Analysis
Federal Spend Analysis
Salesforce Integration

Find the Right People, Fast

Web, Mobile, or Integration to Fit Your Workflow

Quickly find a person, organization, bill, or contract you need to know more about

Or create lists for:

  • Prospect outreach
  • Tracking when people you need to know change jobs
  • PR campaigns
  • Contacting legislation influencers
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Navigate the most accurate and dynamic government organization charts

  • Reporting structure for federal, state, and local government organizations
  • Understand the chain of command to better influence decisions
  • View profiles for the heads of each office and staff
  • Highlight the parts of complex agencies that match your territory or sector, and download the relevant people
  • Print or save the customized chart as a PDF or image to share with your team
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Track Changes

Stay up to date with the relationships you care about

Personalized Dashboard

  • The most recent changes in each list appear first
  • Choose which one you want to track in email alerts
  • Our client success team helps you optimize your people, organization, legislation, or federal contract lists
political dashboard
People Alerts
Alerts Design

Custom Briefings

  • One powerful weekly email for changes to the clients, peers, and relationships important to you
  • Be the first to act on new arrivals or departures
  • Congratulate people on promotions
  • Each change links to a detailed profile
  • Daily updates for legislation and federal contracts

Leadership Networks

Actionable Relationship Analysis

Government Contractor Relationship Map
  • Get referrals to people you need to know
  • Leverage your best contacts’ connections
  • See how your organization is connected to another
  • View a person’s top relationships, including family, former coworkers, classmates, and members of the same associations
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cisa director network

Policy Connect

Legislation intelligence & tracking

Track Legislation and Find Advocates on Capitol Hill, All in One Tool

  • The only service that helps you discuss bills with the legislative staff responsible for the text
  • Track bills through major stages such as introduction, committee, and floor votes
  • Collaborated with Congressional Research Service [CRS] to create actionable intelligence that’s easy to understand for policy experts and novices alike
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Contracting Opportunities & Award Analysis

Whether you are identifying the right person to call or the reason to make the call, quickly filter through opportunities

  • Identify offices out there are buying your technology, then expand to other orgs with the same needs
  • Find the right partners or shake the competitors in the same space through NAICS code, agency, date range, type of spend, or keyword searches and dashboards
  • Plan from the start with simplified listings of upcoming contract expiration dates
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Federal Spend Chart

Salesforce Integration

Push Contacts & Leads from the easy-to-use Leadership Connect interface into your Salesforce instance

  • Always know who to talk to
  • Quickly browse key staff listings, dynamic org charts, and reporting structures
  • Avoid faulty importing – choose which Salesforce Account to map your Contacts
  • Fill your Sales pipeline with the most up to date Leads within the Fed & SLED markets
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