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Our flagship product helps you advance your policy or sales goals
  • Develop strategic relationships for business development
  • Discuss bills with the legislative assistants responsible for the text
  • Track people who move across government, business, lobbying firms, or media
  • Influence and sell across more than one vertical

Thousands of clients trust their reputations to our people intelligence, which is available nowhere else.

App Dashboard
Detailed Profiles
  • Includes contact information, careers, education, and recent news
  • All verified by analysts in DC and NYC
  • Add to your phone, CRM, or database
Easy Searching
  • Find people, organizations, legislation, or federal contracts instantly
  • Export lists for events, email campaigns, lobbying, and sales campaigns
Weekly Briefing
  • Track when key people change roles
  • Next to impossible to keep up without technology
  • Weekly actionable intelligence briefings
  • See who a person knows and how you can develop relationships with their network
  • Leverage your organization’s connections to get referrals
  • No manual inputs needs

Leadership at the Most Important Organizations

Presidential Appointees · Legislative Staff · Communications Directors · IT Leaders· Federal Policy Makers · Schedule C · Producers · Journalists · Lobbyists · Board Members · C-Suite · Purchasing Managers · Law Clerks · Governors' Chiefs of Staff · Heads of State Education Departments · Federal & State Judges · Executive Assistants · Movers & Shakers

Congress · The White House · Federal Departments & Agencies · Major Law & Lobbying Firms · Top Companies · Embassies · Courts · Think Tanks · PACs · TV Programs · Chambers of Commerce · Local Government Services · State Legislature · Caucuses · Campaigns · City Councils · Colleges & Universities · Boards & Commissions

Weekly Intelligence Briefings

Track changes to the relationships you care about

Actionable changes to the clients, peers, and relationships important to you

Be the first to act on new arrivals or departures

Congratulate people on promotions

Each change links to a detailed profile with full bio

Leadership Networks

Actionable Relationship Analysis

  • Get referrals to people you need to know
  • Leverage your best contacts’ connections
  • See how your organization is connected to another
  • View a person’s top relationships, including family, former coworkers, classmates, and members of the same associations
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