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Our flagship product, Leadership Connect, helps you advance your policy or sales goals

  • Develop strategic relationships with referrals and deep profiles
  • Pursue prospects with confidence your time and reputation will be preserved
  • Track people who move across government, business, lobbying firms, or media with exclusive data
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policy and sales service dashboard

Custom Solutions to Increase Productivity

Find Detailed Profiles, Fast
Stakeholder Mapping
Policy Analysis
Federal Spend Analysis
Organization Hierarchy & Dynamic Org Charts
Salesforce Integration

Find the Right People, Fast

Web, Mobile, or Integration to Fit Your Workflow

Quickly find a person, organization, bill, or contract you need to know more about

Or create lists for:

  • Prospect outreach
  • Tracking when people you need to know change jobs
  • PR campaigns
  • Contacting legislation influencers
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government organizational chart

Navigate the most accurate and dynamic government organization charts

  • Reporting structure for federal, state, and local government organizations
  • Understand the chain of command to better influence decisions
  • View profiles for the heads of each office and staff
  • Highlight the parts of complex agencies that match your territory or sector, and download the relevant people
  • Print or save the customized chart as a PDF or image to share with your team
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Track Changes

Stay up to date with the relationships you care about

Personalized Dashboard

  • The most recent changes in each list appear first
  • Choose which one you want to track in email alerts
  • Our client success team helps you optimize your people, organization, legislation, or federal contract lists
political dashboard
People Alerts
Alerts Design

Custom Briefings

  • One powerful weekly email for changes to the clients, peers, and relationships important to you
  • Be the first to act on new arrivals or departures
  • Congratulate people on promotions
  • Each change links to a detailed profile
  • Daily updates for legislation and federal contracts

Leadership Networks

Actionable Relationship Analysis

Government Contractor Relationship Map
  • Get referrals to people you need to know
  • Leverage your best contacts’ connections
  • See how your organization is connected to another
  • View a person’s top relationships, including family, former coworkers, classmates, and members of the same associations
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cisa director network

Policy Connect

Legislation intelligence & tracking

Track Legislation and Find Advocates on Capitol Hill, All in One Tool

  • The only service that helps you discuss bills with the legislative staff responsible for the text
  • Track bills through major stages such as introduction, committee, and floor votes
  • Collaborated with Congressional Research Service [CRS] to create actionable intelligence that’s easy to understand for policy experts and novices alike
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policy connet legislation


Contracting Opportunities & Award Analysis

Whether you are identifying the right person to call or the reason to make the call, quickly filter through opportunities

  • Identify offices out there are buying your technology, then expand to other orgs with the same needs
  • Find the right partners or shake the competitors in the same space through NAICS code, agency, date range, type of spend, or keyword searches and dashboards
  • Plan from the start with simplified listings of upcoming contract expiration dates
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Federal Spend Chart

Salesforce Integration

Push Contacts & Leads from the easy-to-use Leadership Connect interface into your Salesforce instance

  • Always know who to talk to
  • Quickly browse key staff listings, dynamic org charts, and reporting structures
  • Avoid faulty importing – choose which Salesforce Account to map your Contacts
  • Fill your Sales pipeline with the most up to date Leads within the Fed & SLED markets
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