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Streamline your Salesforce workflow

Seamlessly integrate Leadership Connect’s high-quality data into your unique Salesforce instance

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Salesforce Integration

Sync Leadership Connect’s unique and dynamic public sector data directly into your Salesforce Account, Contact, and Lead records. Spend less time record-keeping and more time developing opportunities.

  • Drive adoption of Salesforce processes and onboard new staff quicker.
  • Identify organizations and legislation in your area of interest.
  • Expand your universe of potential relationships without needing to leave Salesforce.
  • Get key insights with updates on public sector staffing.
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Maximize Your Salesforce Productivity

Sales teams

Contracts end. The Administration flips. Government employees move to the private sector. Be in the know when decision-makers move and build the right relationships to advance your business goals.

  • Protect your reputation by getting your one “At Bat” right the first time.
  • Discover the most updated, relevant government data in Salesforce automatically.
  • Know the full scope of your Accounts – who reports to whom, who left their role, and who got promoted.

Government affairs teams

Explore your policy landscape and the movers and shakers in it. Save time by reaching out to the right Hill staffers who cover your focus area.

  • Pinpoint current staffers directly in your Salesforce account.
  • Browse recent sponsored legislation, hot topics, and more policy intelligence.
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