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Leadership Networks

The secret sauce to getting warm introductions.

Trusted by thousands of government affairs, contracting, and development leaders each year.

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government affairs stakeholder map

Why Do I Need Stakeholder Mapping?

With turnover and changing organizational initiatives, everybody needs to know somebody new

  • Get referrals to people you need to know
  • Save time prioritizing policy or business development efforts
  • People are 4x more likely to buy when referred by a friend (Nielsen study)
  • Referrals influence over 90% of B2B buying decisions (Salesforce study)
federal contractor relationships

Identify a Person's Network

  • See who a prospect or policy maker knows so you can find a way in
  • See who your best connections can introduce to you
  • Choose only the connections that matter to you:
    job title, family, current and past coworkers, board memberships, education, direct reports, or by community
cisa director network

Relationship Maps

  • Who at your organization or coalition can help you connect with a target?
  • Which people you know can give you a referral to someone you need to know?
  • Prioritize your policy or business development efforts to focus on warm introductions
  • Referrals help your message break through pitch overload
people i know

Before, when we got an alert about someone new who we didn't know, we would mass email our external lobbying firms "do you know them?"

Now we don't have to guess. Wow, this is going to be fun, we're going to love this.

Top Tech CompanySpecialist, U.S. Federal Government Relations

I've been dreaming about something like this. I usually have to do all this analysis manually, but now I will save so much time. This is incredible.

Top Public Affairs FirmDirector, Strategic Planning

This, my friends, is the secret sauce. Some of your competitors try this but it's not as robust. They make you do some fishing for it and it's nothing close to what you have.

Top Hospitality CompanyDirector, Federal Government Affairs

Uncover Relationships Available Nowhere Else

Leadership Networks works right away, helping you get warm connections with our unique data.

No need for technical resources, integration with your organization’s CRM interactions, or email server permissions.

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Working Together
Career History
Board or Association Memberships