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Be One Step Ahead

Your impact defines what happens for years to come, but do others in the public and private sector know your congressional office’s success?

Be ahead of your colleagues by gaining further expertise and the best connections in the DMV.

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Case Studies

Problem: A Senate staffer was tasked with creating lists of bills a member sponsored or cosponsored.

Solution: Leadership Connect includes these lists in one click, along with summaries, latest actions, and the staffer covering that issue. The office saved hours for more strategic work.

Problem: An office aggregated email addresses for each title and policy area, but had trouble keeping track of changes.

Solution: Custom email alerts notified the team of arrivals and departures, and unlimited exports allowed easy refreshes of data used for outreach.

Hill, Government, Media, and Private Sector Connections

Advance Your Office and Your Career

Keep up with your counterparts in the federal government

Even after a bill is drafted, staffers must know the needs of not just their constituents, but also of their peers in the federal government. Agencies are neck-deep in the numbers, and having a great relationship with the careers and politicals will save you time from legislating to oversight.

  • See where someone falls in the organization, pointing you to the correct contact
  • Build relationships with longstanding employees to become an expert in your issue area
  • Visualize how the money is being spent in each agency for oversight

Prevent future fire drills

Spare yourself the email to the listserv and have the answer in seconds. When your boss comes barreling around the corner requesting a contact at major companies in your district, getting in touch with the best government affairs contacts or executive assistants in Fortune 1000s can be a make-or-break point.

  • Accurate, privacy-compliant profiles of leadership at top companies with information you cannot find on Google or LinkedIn
  • Relationship mapping capabilities to see how you’re connected to the staff within those organizations

Strengthen your network for whatever is next

Whether you want to get your boss on Appropriations, co-sponsoring a bill, or want to be a top lobbyist, your network will get you there. When only 8% of staffers score senior Fortune 500 government affairs roles right out of their time on the Hill, it makes sense to start building your network as early as you can. Meet your next boss or new staff director before you know you need them.

  • See the staffers leading bills in the House and Senate
  • Track and alert yourself to staff changes in the public and private sector to know when there are vacancies
  • Top and most up to date media lists