Government communities help influence policy. Develop strategic relationships and respond to fire drills.
Build coalitions with think tanks, nonprofits, aligned corporations.
Increase public awareness with journalists, producers, and media executives

Leadership Connect is the #1 trusted source for connecting Congress to the right people in government, media, and the private sector.

The unique relationships we have with our clients allow us to get data available nowhere else, and that helps them connect to other community members. Over 2,000 chiefs of staff, communications directors, legislative staffers, and schedulers rely on Leadership Connect each year.

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Problems We Solve

For Congressional Offices

Connect with the right person in Congress when you need to

Combine forces with think tanks, nonprofits, legislators, and aligned corporations

Maximize your public influence and raise awareness of your issues

Reduce manual efforts of maintaining lists

Stop Searching, Start Finding!
Google and LinkedIn won't help you

  • Leadership Connect includes data available nowhere else
  • Simple interface that requires no training
  • Find the right person in government, with data you can trust
  • Create targeted lists for outreach and tracking moves

Navigate complex government structure

  • Full hierarchy for government organizations — even transition teams
  • Connect with a supervisor or direct reports
  • Develop strategic relationships with all levels of an organization

Identify the legislative staffers and federal officials responsible for policy

  • The world’s only service that connects bills to legislative staff
  • Connect with impacted organizations to share your stance and build a coalition
  • Identify a member’s top policy interests and previous bills
  • Track bills through introduction, committee discussion, and votes
  • Collaborated with Congressional Research Service to create intelligence that’s easy to understand and take the next step
Government Affairs Legislation Staff

Stakeholder Mapping

  • See how your office is connected to another to get warm introductions
  • View a person’s strongest relationships, including family, former coworkers, and members of the same association
  • Engage with personalized outreach
  • Advance your career
Network Help

Easy to Use Anywhere You Need It