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Tribal Data

Build relationships with key Tribal leaders with contact information that you can’t find anywhere else. Connect directly with Native American leaders and utilize the organizational data on the executive, legislative, and judicial branches of each sovereign nation to:

  • Enhance your relationship with Tribal councils to further your mission goals.

  • Access searchable information that you can’t find anywhere else.

  • Amplify your outreach by connecting with representatives of every federally recognized Tribal Nation.

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Federal Government

Guarantee equitable funding for Tribes in accordance with President Biden’s Executive Order and move your missions forward with direct access to Tribal council and leadership data for all Federally recognized Tribes.

  • Promote bipartisan infrastructure funding available for Tribes.

  • Start conversations about agency funding for Tribes.

  • Connect with Native leaders to collaborate on important initiatives to further your missions.

  • Understand the whole picture of a Tribe’s functionality, location, leadership, and more.

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Tribal Partners

Forge stronger intertribal and intergovernmental relationships to drive your missions forward.

  • Connect with other Tribal leaders focused on your most pressing issues.
  • Track updates on Federal Tribal liaisons.
  • Access information on Federal, state, and local contacts.
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Corporate and Nonprofit

Expand your networks to incorporate Tribes to achieve your business goals or collaborate with Native communities. 

  • Connect with influential and diverse Tribal leaders.
  • Understand Tribal government structures to save time and connect with the correct person the first time.
  • Help Tribes with their hardest problems by connecting with administrators, health officers, directors of education, Tribal social media, information technology leaders, and more.
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