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Development and Public Policy Influence

Support your institution’s advocacy, career services, development, and research with data-driven software focused on public sector connections.

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How We Help

Government Affairs

Connect with government executives to advocate on behalf of programs, research, and other funding


Fundraise with influential alumni, promote advanced degrees, and grow your executive education enrollment with targeted marketing

Career Services

Help students get placed in internships, clerkships, and other full time jobs


Top universities provide Leadership Connect to their faculty, students, and staff for original research

President's Office

Outreach with other high-level executives for strategic initiatives, sponsorships, coalition building, and networking

Streamline Your Outreach Strategy

Evolve beyond spreadsheets. The revolving door keeps spinning in the world of policy makers, and your time can be spent better influencing policy instead of juggling lists that may be out of date.

  • Stop Searching. Start Finding.
  • Create targeted lists for outreach and tracking moves
  • Reduce administrative work to free up time for executing strategy
  • Easy filters for when you don’t know a name, title, or office
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Stakeholder Mapping & Development

You’re always connecting, and we show you how to make warm introductions and gain footing for real relationships in government.

You also need to know when your connections move on, where they go, and who replaces them, so you’re ready for anything. You won’t find that in a Google search, or anywhere else.

  • Leverage your organization’s best relationships in support of your public policy objectives
  • Place students in clerkships, congressional internships, and fellowships
  • Instantly know a person’s influence and if they might help you
  • Contact a supervisor or direct report when you need a response
  • Simple interface requires no training
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