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Billionaire Michael Bloomberg is reportedly planning to unveil a data-centric political operation according to an exclusive scoop obtained by The Atlantic. Details of the plan have been kept a tightly held secret within Bloomberg’s inner circle while the former New York mayor contemplates a presidential run in 2020.

Bloomberg’s mission is to match voter data, consumer information, and social-media profiles. The Atlantic reported the aim of this data-center is to collect information about voters on an “unprecedented scale,” match that data with consumer data, and employ a team of engineers to look for new ways to identify potential voters. The center would then device new tactics of appealing to this base.

Details regarding the project is pending Bloomberg’s 2020 aspirations. He in turn is waiting to see if Joe Biden is running for president since Biden and Bloomberg are very similar candidates. According to The Atlantic, Bloomberg’s team has been asking around various political camps to find information on Biden’s campaign. The data-center plan is technically serving dual purposes. If Bloomberg decides to run, his campaign would greatly benefit from the voting data that is collected. If he decides not to run, this data center can be used to influence electoral outcomes.

Further, on Bloomberg’s 2020 ambitions, The Atlantic reports some operatives around the country have been asked whether they’d be interested in joining a campaign if he does run, along with others who work for Bloomberg LP, Bloomberg Philanthropies and the other groups he controls. Bloomberg Philanthropies is run by Patti Harris, who has had extensive experience in the New York political scene since the 1970s.

Bloomberg is well-known for playing an active role in shaping the political landscape for Democrats. For the 2018 midterms, he spent more than $100 million to become the single biggest Democratic donor. His PAC, Independence USA, won 21 of the 24 races in which it was involved. Bloomberg has been touring extensively across the country like a presidential candidate with speaking engagements and giving his opinion on candidates who have already committed to a run for The White House.

However, neither Bloomberg nor his aides have commented on the data-harvesting or its future. The Atlantic reports that all these data would feed a huge investment that could make Bloomberg the biggest political spender on television and online advertising. Regardless of how his personal goals pan out, Bloomberg said he is firmly committed to making sure a Democrat is in the White House in 2020.

Srijan Sen

Srijan Sen

Assistant Content Manager, News Media