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Prepare for Impact

Whether you’re on the move or in the office, Leadership Connect is with you to engage the top policymakers and their staff.

Get access to the right people — quickly — for impactful outreach and stronger government relationships.

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Trusted by thousands of law & lobbying firm leaders
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John LawsonPresident, Convergence Services, Inc.

I was blown away when I saw the capabilities of the new platform. The depth and breadth of the data is kind of amazing, and the intuitive UX makes for seamless navigation. Leadership Connect is an outstanding value for anyone trying to make a difference in Washington, DC.

Mike HettingerPresident & Founding Principal, Hettinger Strategy Group

I needed a timely, accurate online tool to help track key changes on Capitol Hill and within the Executive Branch, to ensure I could effectively serve my technology clients. Leadership Connect is an indispensable resource for me.

Jason BriefelDirector of Government Affairs - Shaw Bransford & Roth P.C.

Leadership Connect is the tool that ensures my clients and I can identify and reach key contacts – in Congress, the Administration, in industry both inside and outside the Beltway – when we need to.

Problems We Solve

For Law Firms

Identify & track key relationships across communities, including alumni, clients, and partners

Maximize billable hours, by no longer surfing the web for data that can't be trusted

Fulfill client matters working with legislative staffers, federal & state officials

Leverage relationships with think tanks, nonprofits, legislators, and aligned corporations

Streamline Your Outreach Strategy

Evolve beyond spreadsheets. The revolving door keeps spinning in the world of policy makers, and your time can be spent better influencing policy instead of juggling lists that may be out of date.

  • Stop Searching. Start Finding.
  • Create targeted lists for outreach and tracking moves
  • Reduce administrative work to free up time for executing strategy
  • Easy filters like job focus when you don’t know a name, title, or office

Master the Introduction

You’re always connecting, and we show you how to make warm introductions and gain footing for real relationships in the policy world. You also need to know when your government connections move on, where they go, and who replaces them, so you’re ready for anything. You won’t find that in a Google search, or anywhere else.

  • Leverage your organization’s best relationships in support of your public policy objectives
  • Instantly know a person’s influence and if they might help you
  • Contact a supervisor or direct report when you need a response
  • Simple interface requires no training

Empower Your Team With an Organized CRM

No need for you to manually input data to your CRM or deal with duplicate data. Just enjoy building relationships and we’ve got you covered.

  • Fill your CRM with accurate and synced data to improve your operations
  • Our experienced team suggests best practices for your unique workflow
  • Salesforce, Marketo, HubSpot, or API integration
  • Trusted public sector people intelligence includes key linkages to corporate, nonprofit, media, and advisory organizations
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