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Research people in Congress or the Biden-Harris Administration, and contact them for comments
Sell ads, subscriptions, or event sponsorships to companies

Leadership Connect is the #1 trusted source for connecting journalists to the right people in government, business, and more.

The unique relationships we have with our 4,000 clients allow us to get data available nowhere else, and that helps them connect to other community members.

Top Media Outlets Rely on Leadership Connect

Problems We Solve

For Media Outlets

Contact executives in government, business, media, and nonprofits for interviews or comments

Research for news analysis

Sales & marketing teams handling ads, event invitations, and partnerships

Stop Searching, Start Finding!
Google and LinkedIn won't help you

  • Leadership Connect includes data available nowhere else
  • Simple interface that requires no training
  • Find the right person in media, government, or business
  • Create targeted lists for outreach and tracking moves

Relationship Mapping

  • View a person’s strongest relationships, including family, former coworkers, and members of the same association
  • See how your organization is connected to another to get warm introductions
  • Engage with personalized outreach