Leadership Connect respects your privacy. We do not collect or transmit personal/user information on this service.

Leadership Connect is committed to processing and maintaining all client, proprietary, and personal data in a secure environment in accordance with relevant Data Privacy laws, best practices, and GDPR. Leadership Connect is 100% compliant with these rules and regulations.


Security Protection

Leadership Connect processes all data (client, proprietary, and personal) in accordance with relevant data privacy regulations. Leadership Connect constantly monitors procedures around employee access, software, infrastructure, firewall, and other pertinent areas to ensure the most up-to-date security measures are implemented.

Staff Training

Leadership Connect works with staff to ensure internal company policies and data protection rules are understood and best practices are followed.

Third Party Data Access

Leadership Connect will only share data with third parties that are fully and contractually compliant with all relevant practices and regulations.

Data Storage and Breaches

Data is stored under contract in a secure environment compliant with all relevant data privacy and GDPR regulations. In the unlikely event of data breaches or unauthorized account access, Leadership Connect follows all appropriate guidelines for informing clients about potential misuse of personal data.

Privacy Policy

As pursuant to current regulations, Leadership Connect’s policies, laid out in our Terms and Conditions, provide provisions pursuant for data privacy. Leadership Connect will process personal data as necessary to perform the services pursuant to the Terms and Conditions, and as instructed by customers in its use of our services.


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