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Leon Newsome III

Leonza “Leon” Newsome III was recently named deputy director for the U.S. Secret Service.

Newsome brings over 25 years of serving in the USSS to the role, which oversees the daily operations of the following seven offices: The Office of Government and Public Affairs, The Office of Investigations, The Office of Professional Responsibility, The Office of Protective Operations, The Office of Strategic Intelligence and Information, The Office of Technical Development and Mission Support, and The Office of Training.

Newsome’s predecessor, William J. Callahan, started as deputy director in December 2016 and recently left the position. During this time, he was responsible for developing and implementing policy related to protection and investigations.

During his time with the Secret Service, Newsome has been assistant director for the Office of Investigations, deputy assistant director for the Offices of Investigations and Protective Operations, and special agent in charge for the Vice-Presidential Protective division.

Newsome earned a B.A. in History from Princeton University in 1992 and is a member of the Senior Executive Service. He reports to the 26th U.S. Secret Service Director, James M. Murray.

Madalyn Medrano

Madalyn Medrano

Associate Content Manager, Federal