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The Acela Corridor from Washington D.C. to Boston represents schools from where over 60% of President-elect Joe Biden‘s transition team members graduated. The Midwest also shows a significant presence. However, less than 5% of transition members went to schools in the South. Finally, and not surprisingly, California shows up as one of the top states attended. The interactive map below allows you to check out all the schools where team members went.

Members on the transition staff are overwhelmingly alum from schools in the Northeast, with Harvard University coming in first. However, with The University of California coming in second, the influence of Vice President-elect Kamala Harris’ previous stint as California Attorney General and Junior Senator had influence over these transition staff appointees. The top 3 DC schools are Georgetown University, The George Washington University, and American University, which are in the top 25 out of 235 universities from where transition staff members have graduated.


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