Following nomination, the Senate Committee on the Judiciary holds a hearing for nominees before they can be confirmed.
All appointments require Senate confirmation.

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Supreme Court of the United States

No nominations this session


Circuit Court of Appeals

NameTitleCircuit Court of AppealsNominated OnConfirmed onSworn In Date
Joseph BiancoCircuit JudgeSecond Circuit1/22/20195/8/20195/13/2019
Michael H. ParkCircuit JudgeSecond Circuit1/22/20195/9/20195/13/2019
Paul MateyCircuit JudgeThird Circuit1/22/20193/12/20193/18/2019
Allison Jones RushingCircuit JudgeFourth Circuit1/22/20193/5/20193/21/2019
Eric E. MurphyCircuit JudgeSixth Circuit1/22/20193/7/20193/11/2019
Chad ReadlerCircuit JudgeSixth Circuit1/22/20193/6/20193/7/2019
Bridget S. BadeCircuit JudgeNinth Circuit1/22/20193/26/20194/4/2019
Eric D. MillerCircuit JudgeNinth Circuit1/22/20192/26/20193/4/2019
Neomi J. RaoCircuit JudgeDistrict of Columbia1/22/20193/13/20193/18/2019
Daniel A. BressCircuit JudgeNinth Circuit1/30/20197/9/2019
Daniel P. CollinsCircuit JudgeNinth Circuit1/30/20195/21/20195/22/2019
Kenneth Kiyul LeeCircuit JudgeNinth Circuit1/30/20195/15/20196/12/2019
Peter J. PhippsCircuit JudgeThird Circuit5/3/20197/16/20197/22/2019
Halil Suleyman OzerdenCircuit JudgeFifth Circuit6/24/2019


District Courts

NameTitleDistrict CourtNominated onConfirmed onSworn In Date
Greg GuidryDistrict JudgeEastern District of Louisiana1/17/20196/19/20196/28/2019
James HendrixDistrict JudgeNorthern District of Texas1/17/20197/30/2019
Sean JordanDistrict JudgeEastern District of Texas1/17/2019
Michael T. LiburdiDistrict JudgeDistrict of Arizona1/17/20197/30/2019
Mark T. PittmanDistrict JudgeNorthern District of Texas1/17/20197/31/2019
Peter D. WelteDistrict JudgeDistrict of North Dakota1/17/20197/30/2019
Rossie Alston Jr.District JudgeEastern District of Virginia1/22/20186/10/20196/25/2019
Roy K. AltmanDistrict JudgeSouthern District of Florida1/22/20184/4/20194/9/2019
Raul M. Arias-MarxuachDistrict JudgeDistrict of Puerto Rico1/22/20185/2/20195/16/2019
Thomas P. BarberDistrict JudgeMiddle District of Florida1/22/20196/12/20197/11/2019
Pamela A. BarkerDistrict JudgeNorthern District of Ohio1/22/20196/12/20196/19/2019
J. Campbell BarkerDistrict JudgeEastern District of Texas1/22/20195/1/20195/3/2019
Kenneth D. BellDistrict JudgeWestern District of North Carolina1/22/20195/22/20195/26/2019
Wendy Williams BergerDistrict JudgeMiddle District of Florida1/22/20197/24/2019
Jean-Paul BouleeDistrict JudgeNorthern District of Georgia1/22/20196/12/20196/19/2019
Holly A. BradyDistrict JudgeNorthern District of Indiana1/22/20194/10/20194/23/2019
Andrew Lynn BrasherDistrict JudgeMiddle District of Alabama1/22/20195/1/20195/7/2019
Brian BuescherDistrict JudgeDistrict of Nebraska1/22/20197/24/2019
James David Cain Jr.District JudgeWestern District of Louisiana1/22/20196/19/20196/25/2019
Stephen R. Clark Sr.District JudgeEastern District of Missouri1/22/20195/22/20196/14/2019
Clifton CorkerDistrict JudgeEastern District of Tennessee1/22/20197/18/20197/22/2019
Daniel Desmond DomenicoDistrict JudgeDistrict of Colorado1/22/20194/9/20195/16/2019
Phillip HalpernDistrict JudgeSouthern District of New York1/22/2019
Karin J. ImmergutDistrict JudgeDistrict of Oregon1/22/20197/31/2019
Matthew J. KacsmarykDistrict JudgeNorthern District of Texas1/22/20196/19/20196/21/2019
Damon LeichtyDistrict JudgeNorthern District of Indiana1/22/20197/10/2019
Thomas MarcelleDistrict JudgeNorthern District of New York1/22/2019
Corey Landon MazeDistrict JudgeNorthern District of Alabama1/22/20196/12/20196/18/2019
Matthew McFarlandDistrict JudgeSouthern District of Ohio1/22/2019
David MoralesDistrict JudgeSouthern District of Texas1/22/20194/10/20194/25/2019
Sarah Daggett MorrisonDistrict JudgeSouthern District of Ohio1/22/20196/11/20196/14/2019
Carl J. NicholsDistrict JudgeDistrict of Columbia1/22/20195/22/20196/25/2019
Howard C. Nielson Jr.District JudgeDistrict of Utah1/22/20195/22/20196/12/2019
J. Nicholas RanjanDistrict JudgeWestern District of Pennsylvania1/22/20197/10/20197/12/2019
Rodolfo Ruiz IIDistrict JudgeSouthern District of Florida1/22/20195/1/20195/3/2019
Rodney SmithDistrict JudgeSouthern District of Florida1/22/20196/12/20196/14/2019
Michael J. TruncaleDistrict JudgeEastern District of Texas1/22/20195/14/20195/16/2019
Wendy VitterDistrict JudgeEastern District of Louisiana1/22/20195/16/20195/29/2019
T. Kent WetherellDistrict JudgeNorthern District of Florida1/22/20197/10/20197/12/2019
Allen Cothrel WinsorDistrict JudgeNorthern District of Florida1/22/20196/19/20196/21/2019
Joshua WolsonDistrict JudgeEastern District of Pennsylvania1/22/20195/2/20195/28/2019
Patrick WolsonDistrict JudgeWestern District of Oklahoma1/22/2019
John Milton YoungeDistrict JudgeEastern District of Pennsylvania1/22/20197/31/2019
Stanley BlumenfeldDistrict JudgeCentral District of California1/30/2019
Patrick BumatayDistrict JudgeSouthern District of California1/30/2019
Jeremy B. RosenDistrict JudgeCentral District of California1/30/2019
Mark C. ScarsiDistrict JudgeCentral District of California1/30/2019
Patrick WyrickDistrict JudgeWestern District of Oklahoma2/7/20194/9/20194/10/2019
Robert J. ColvilleDistrict JudgeWestern District of Pennsylvania3/5/2019
Stephanie L. HainesDistrict JudgeWestern District of Pennsylvania3/5/2019
Jason K. PulliamDistrict JudgeWestern District of Texas3/5/20197/31/2019
Michael S. BogrenDistrict JudgeWestern District of Texas3/11/2019
Jeffrey Vincent BrownDistrict JudgeSouthern District of Texas3/11/20197/31/2019
Stephanie Dawkins DavisDistrict JudgeEastern District of Michigan3/11/2019
Brantley StarrDistrict JudgeNorthern District of Texas3/11/20197/31/2019
Ada E. BrownDistrict JudgeNorthern District of Texas3/15/2019
David J. NovakDistrict JudgeEastern District of Virginia3/15/2019
Steven D. GrimbergDistrict JudgeNorthern District of Georgia4/2/2019
Frank W. VolkDistrict JudgeSouthern District of Virginia4/2/2019
Gary R. BrownDistrict JudgeEastern District of New York4/8/2019
Stephanie GallagherDistrict JudgeDistrict of Maryland4/8/2019
Diane GujaratiDistrict JudgeEastern District of New York4/8/2019
Lewis LimanDistrict JudgeSouthern District of New York4/8/2019
Eric R. KomiteeDistrict JudgeEastern District of New York4/8/2019
Rachel P. KovnerDistrict JudgeEastern District of New York4/8/2019
Mary E. McElroyDistrict JudgeDistrict of Rhode Island4/8/2019
Martha PacoldDistrict JudgeNorthern District of Illinois4/8/20197/31/2019
Mary M. RowlandDistrict JudgeNorthern District of Illinois4/8/20197/31/2019
Steven C. SeegerDistrict JudgeNorthern District of Illinois4/8/2019
John L. SinatraDistrict JudgeWestern District of New York4/8/2019
Mary Kay VyskocilDistrict JudgeSouthern District of New York4/8/2019
Douglas R. ColeDistrict JudgeSouthern District of Ohio5/3/2019
Charles R. Eskridge IIIDistrict JudgeSouthern District of Texas5/3/2019
Kea W. RiggsDistrict JudgeDistrict of New Mexico5/3/2019
William Shaw Stickman IVDistrict JudgeWestern District of Pennsylvania5/3/20197/31/2019
Jennifer Philpott WilsonDistrict JudgeMiddle District of Pennsylvania5/3/2019
David B. BarlowDistrict JudgeDistrict of Utah6/12/2019
Robert Anthony MolloyJudgeDistrict of the Virgin Islands6/12/2019
Kevin Ray SweazeaDistrict JudgeDistrict of New Mexico6/12/2019
John Fitzgerald KnessDistrict JudgeNorthern District of Illinois6/24/2019
Justin R. WalkerDistrict JudgeWestern District of Kentucky6/24/2019
Lee Philip RudofskyDistrict JudgeEastern District of Arkansas7/8/2019
R. Austin Huffaker, Jr.District JudgeMiddle District of Alabama7/8/2019


Courts of Limited Jurisdiction

NameTitleCourts of Limited JurisdictionNominated OnConfirmed onSworn in Date
M. Miller BakerJudgeCourt of International Trade1/22/20198/1/2019
Timothy ReifJudgeCourt of International Trade1/22/20198/1/2019
Ryan T. HolteJudgeCourt of Federal Claims1/22/20196/10/20197/11/2019
Richard A. HertlingJudgeCourt of Federal Claims1/22/20196/10/20196/12/2019
Emin ToroJudgeUnited States Tax Court2/6/20198/1/2019
Courtney Dunbar JonesJudgeUnited States Tax Court2/6/20198/1/2019
David A. TappJudgeCourt of Federal Claims3/5/2019
Matthew H. SolomsonJudgeCourt of Federal Claims3/5/2019
Daniel Z. EpsteinJudgeCourt of Federal Claims6/24/2019
Eleni M. RoumelJudgeCourt of Federal Claims6/24/2019