Released 12/21/20, In Mobile App 7/6/21

Policy Connect

  • The world’s only service that connects bills to legislative staff
  • Identify a member’s top policy interests and previous bills
  • Track legislation changes
  • View key policy areas for Senators and Representatives
  • See what upcoming bills will affect a state or agency
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Person Profile Leg
Beta Release 9/13/20, Mid-2021 Full Release

Federal Spend

  • Identify the influencers behind federal procurement
  • Generate demand within the federal government
  • Track federal spend you care about (email alerting in beta)
  • Award history highlights interest
  • Keep your awards funded
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Federal Spend Chart
Federal Spend Award
Dedicated to Ease of Use

Improved Interface

  • Congressional roles organized in clear sections
  • Mobile phone numbers help you contact people working remotely
  • View a person’s direct reports and supervisors in one place
  • Navigate up and down an organization’s hierarchy to quickly view a specific office
Congress Profile

More Intelligence

  • News section shows what journalists have reported about the person or organization you are viewing in the past month
  • Filter results by Start Date or Career History
  • Many more profiles available so you can get intelligence on people who recently left important jobs
  • Smarter search so you can more easily find the right result (try searching for Senate Approps, COS, LD, Rear Admiral, and more).

Save Time

  • Networks and organization charts load much faster
  • View org charts for any government organization, including federal, state & local, and Congress
  • Welcome Tour shows you exactly what you need to know in 30 seconds
  • Gov Transitions Dashboard (formerly known as the Elections Dashboard) instantly shows new appointees, new roles for staffers, and other important movers & shakers

Mobile App

  • View the same legislation as in the web app
  • Easily identify who is Majority Staff, a Presidential Appointee, Schedule C, or Career SES
  • Add notes to help prep for meetings, or view notes synced from the web app
  • See a person’s top connections while on the go
  • Memberships data, plus more depth for each profile

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