After elections, our researchers in Washington, DC work around the clock tagging winners and confirming new staff.

Clients receive a weekly post-elections briefing in their email to recap the arrivals and departures already reflected in their Leadership Connect service.

Frequently asked questions about the post-elections schedule are addressed below.




What are we watching?

  • 444 House Races (435 seats + 5 nonvoting delegates + 4 special elections to serve the rest of the 115th Congress)
  • 35 Senate Races (33 seats + 2 special elections)
  • 61 Retiring Incumbents: 3 Senate members (3 Republicans); 58 House members (21 Democrats, 37 Republicans)
  • 5 Incumbents Defeated in Primaries
  • 11 Incumbents Running in a New District (all in Pennsylvania)


When will the newly elected members of the 116th Congress be available in Leadership Connect?

November 7th, the morning after Election Day (candidates in races too close to call may be added at a later date).


How can I see the makeup of the entire 116th Congress?

You can view the 1-Click List “All Members of the 116th Congress” or select the job function “Member of the 116th Congress” when searching.


When do new committee (subcommittee) assignments come out for the 116th Congress?

Senate: New committee assignments for the Senate are generally set by the first week in January 2019.

House: The committee leadership for the House is announced in December 2018 with full committee rosters announced in early January 2019.

For the 115th Congress, the Senate Republicans announced their committee assignments on Jan. 3rd and Senate Democrats announced mid-December, with subcommittees/jurisdictions on a rolling basis.

Subcommittee rosters typically take longer to finalize but are announced in mid-January 2019 – February 2019.


When will new room assignments for the 116th Congress be available?

Senate: Temporary room assignments for moving Senators will be available on or around the week of November 25th on a rolling basis.

  • When an office becomes vacant, incumbent members may choose to move based on seniority
  • During this transition, newly elected and moving senators will get temporary room assignments until their office is move-in ready
  • This is a rolling process, usually not complete until April 2019

House: On or around the week of November 25th.


When will staffers be available for newly elected members?

Starting November 8th, as confirmed, on a rolling basis.
Hundreds of staffers for newly elected members will be listed before January 2019.


When will there be a new Speaker of the House, Majority Leader, Minority Leader, or other Congressional Leadership?

On or around the week of November 11th, Senate and House members making up the new Congress may start caucusing and voting for members to serve in new leadership positions.
House Republicans have announced they will hold leadership elections on November 14th.
House Democrats plan to hold leadership elections on November 28th and 29th.
We add these roles as they are appointed, on a rolling basis.


 State & Local Government


What are we watching?

177 major executive branch races across 39 states (Governor, Lt. Governor, Attorney General, Secretary of State, etc.)
6,000 state legislative seats
2,660 races at the city and county level


When will the newly elected governors and lieutenant governors be available?

November 7th, the morning after Election Day.


When will other newly elected state officials be available?

All other state constitutional officers (attorney general, secretary of state, treasurer, etc.) will become available between November 7th and November 12th .


When will the state legislatures be updated to reflect changes?

Legislatures will start being updated on an on-going basis from November 7th through 11th.
By November 12th, all state legislatures should be updated to display all incoming and outgoing state legislators from the 2018 elections.


When will the state legislative listings show only the rosters and committee assignments for the 2018 legislative sessions?

State legislatures are sworn-in (or seated) on different days in accordance with their state constitution. Depending on when the new state’s legislative session starts determines when the defeated or retiring members are removed and the newly elected members are seated. Most states convene in January 2019 but a few do in late 2018 and some as late as February 2019.

Full state committee assignments are usually out within a week or two after the new session begins.


When will the new city and county officials be reflected online?

The top 10 metro regions will be updated first and ready by the 8th or 9th of November (examples: Phoenix, AZ and Los Angeles County). From there, cities and counties are prioritized by population, and updated continuously through November 19.  The second tier of municipal updating continues through mid-December and includes the remaining cities (with population less than 100k) and counties.  All cities and counties are updated no later than December 21.