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Seamlessly integrate the highest quality data available for key leaders in government, business, and media directly into your workflow with our REST API

  • Import the highest quality data available into your own applications
  • Daily updates make sure you have the best intelligence on the key contacts you need to know
  • Grow your business with the FED/SLED markets
  • Sell to companies, law firms, nonprofits, and more
  • Accurate bios and contact information for key decision makers
  • Know who is currently in a purchasing/procurement, IT, or education role you need to contact
No surfing the web for prospects

Don't pay your valuable staff to surf the web for unverified prospects

How it Works


Speak with our experts

In an introductory call, we will discuss the problems you wish to solve and if our API is the best option.

Share API reference documentation

Next, your tech team evaluates if they can work with our data structure.

Connect with the API

Upon signed agreement, a unique API key is provided to your organization.

Use Our Data, Your Way

Your team accesses our people intelligence API and integrates the data into your workflow.