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Find a Person

By Name


By Role


By Policy Focus

You may filter an organization profile by job focus (also called legislative issue/beat) or job title.


Profile Actions


Add/Edit Note: For your eyes only.

Print an optimized version to PDF or paper.

Share with your team and include a message.

Download to your contacts for Outlook, Gmail, iCloud, or elsewhere.

Add to a Contact List: This list will always display the person’s current role and contact information, and may be exported.

Find an Organization

Example: Office of the CIO in the US Department of Defense


Organization Charts

  • Navigate the hierarchy of organizations to understand the reporting structure.
  • Available for Federal Government, State & Local Government, and Congress communities.
  • Interactive charts update daily based on the latest information.

Find Legislation

All clients with Congress community access can now find bill profiles with integrated people intelligence.

It is the world’s only service that links bills to legislative staff, and helps you easily contact the right LAs/LDs for any cosponsors or members who do not support a bill.


Find bills by using the main search bar

  • Enter the bill ID (e.g. S1260 or 117S1260), title (United States Innovation and Competition Act of 2021), or keyword

Advanced filters

  • Congress Number
  • Bill Status
  • Key Policy Area
  • Impacted Organizations
  • Responsible Committee
  • Sponsor
  • Cosponsor

See relevant bills when viewing the profile of a sponsor/cosponsor, or its committee/subcommittee, or by impacted organizations


Learn more about Policy Connect


Create a List for Outreach

Advanced search filters help build and refine lists to exactly what you need.

Filters are grouped under these headings, depending on which communities are selected:
  • People
  • Organizations
  • Government (requires Federal or State & Local Government communities)
  • Congress (requires Congress community)
  • Career History

Example: Press secretaries for members of the House Appropriations Committee

The Congress filters in advanced search let you find Senators and Representatives, and their staff, based on the criteria of the members:

  • Political party
  • Committee memberships
  • Caucus memberships
  • State represented
  • Member’s office- you can also search by district or Zip code represented

You can also limit these results by legislative issues or any other filter.



Click the Export button, choose your columns, and submit your request. You will receive an email once it is ready for download.

Weekly Intelligence Briefings

Track changes to the relationships you care about

Toggle on Alert Me when viewing a profile or list to track arrivals/departures.

Contact us for help customizing your weekly briefings.


Actionable changes to the clients, peers, and relationships important to you

Be the first to act on new arrivals or departures

People Alerts

Congratulate people on promotions

Each change links to a detailed profile with full bio


View a person's network and leverage your organization's relationships to build new ones

Network Connections

  • Network your way: start with someone you need to know, or start with someone you know well
  • Connect with prospects, elected officials, thought leaders, or advisors
  • Start with someone you need to know to identify their level of influence and who you could contact to get a referral
  • Start with someone you know well to leverage their connections and grow your own network
  • First, find the person’s profile and click “View All Connections”
  • The network includes the strongest connections at the top, including family, direct reports, supervisors, former coworkers, and members of the same associations, and classmates
  • Select any person within the network to learn more about them
View Connections
Network Romney

Relationship Maps

  • Get referrals to people you need to know
  • See how your organization is connected to another
  • The strongest connections appear at the top, so you can prioritize relationship development
Lc Network


Click the orange circle in the top right to access your profile.

Here, you can edit your information, manage your notes, and load lists.

Improve Your Recommendations

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No data that you enter in your profile is published publicly.

My Contacts

Create private contact lists, for your eyes only. Just click the Add to My Contacts button after a search or when viewing a person’s profile.

Salespeople can maintain lists of prospects. Government affairs leaders can create lists of receptive legislative staff. Communications directors can keep contact lists of reliable journalists for each issue.

These lists automatically display updated information for each person.
Click a person to view their full profile, see who they know, or add notes.

Add To Contacts


You can add a note to any profile.

Notes sync between access points, so you can see them in a web browser or mobile app.