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Catzoom We’re keeping an eye on news media legislation coming out of Australia, where Google and Facebook have been dominating the news cycle. Microsoft Corp. says there should be U.S. adoption of revenue sharing with local news.

Movers & Shakers are also part of the current carrying this briefing. In the middle of adding new podcasts at CAFE, Preet Bharara has joined the Clubhouse bandwagon and makes sure everyone knows he doesn’t have a Zoom cat filter (the video) but hasn’t commented on freeing Britney.

On the other side of new work, the movers unfortunately include more rounds of layoffs, something anyone working as a journalist since 2008 has come to expect.

Job losses stacked up again in 2020, with 2021 bringing continuing layoffs at ABC and streamlining from Bloomberg.

It’s not all bad news, congrats to McClatchy reporters as the company is establishing a minimum salary in its newsrooms.

Movers & Shakers

Yang’s elevation brings up an interesting point about the perception of polarization, a topic tackled by Journalist Resource, which argues TV news outlets overrepresent extreme partisans in Congress. The Washington Post’s outgoing Executive Editor Marty Baron has some broader thoughts:

The idea of objectivity—I should make clear—it’s not neutrality, it’s not both-sides-ism, it’s not so-called balance … It’s to tell people in an unflinching way what we have learned, what we have discovered.

Speaking of news media discoveries, Leadership Connect found some new sources building on what’s driving the news on Trump’s impeachment trial, the Capitol insurrection, and COVID-19 vaccines.

  • CBS News has comprehensive coverage of the impeachment trial, published today. There’s also full video of Day 1, Day 2 and Day 3 of the trial.
  • NPR created a searchable database with information on the individuals charged in connection to the Capitol insurrection — more than 200 criminal cases in total. NPR also identified a few trends.
  • The Economist has a new podcast called The Jab. It says each episode will tackle a different theme along the supply chain — from the innovations that make the new vaccines possible and the politics of distribution, to the drivers of vaccine hesitancy.

The politics of vaccine distribution is a smart angle. It could affect decisions in meetings on where to invest in the supply chain. Just remember to double-check your video filters.

Baz Hiralal

Managing Editor, Thought Leadership