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Shape Opportunities. Win Contracts.

Grow your opportunities, efficiently. Redefine your business development team’s strategy by simplifying white space analysis and establishing relationships with decision makers at new and expanding agencies.

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Case Study

McKinsey was struggling with penetrating new agencies where they had no pre-existing relationships as their competitors were crowding them out. They were also challenged by maintaining existing agency relationships because of turnover within the Administration.

Problems solved: Uncovered key relationships they did not know existed, nor that they had connections to. Ease of use limited onboarding time and encouraged adoption. Growth rate of the unit increased by 25%.

John RobertiSVP, Government Relations & Strategy, Cubic Corporation

Leadership Connect puts information on key leaders at my fingertips when and where I need it. I use it everyday and find it extremely valuable in navigating the rapidly changing organizational structures of government and industry. I wouldn’t want to start executing a government strategy without it.

Paul McNeillVP, Industry & Government Relations, Click Bond, Inc.

Leadership Connect is a one-of-a-kind resource that accelerates our company’s progress in government and industry. I value their responsiveness and continual improvement in their solutions.

MicrosoftFederal Accounts

Excited to know I see administration updates as they happen. The Networks feature will help me redevelop my relationships and show me who else I should be talking to.

Northrop GrummonMission Systems

It's my go-to resource for understanding the individuals and organizations we want to do business with. The organizational charts are exactly what I need.

Albert NievesManaging Director, Federal Government Practice, Galvanize

If you don’t have Leadership Connect, you’re setting yourself up to fail.

Robert SheaPrincipal, Grant Thornton Public Sector

There is no more reliable source for information about the organizations and people with whom we are trying to do business. Leadership Connect is an indispensable asset in any business development or policy advocacy endeavor.

MicrosoftState & Local Sales Director

Leadership Connect is really impressive in streamlining my outreach efforts as I try to be more proactive vs. reactive. I’m already seeing value from the platform and I’m excited to leverage it in growing my accounts. It’ll save us a ton of time.

Visualize the Most Impactful Opportunities

Develop your strategy, build relationships with decision makers, and track funds

Save Hours of Research and On-boarding

Whether you’re on a team of business development representatives or running a sales team aiming to grow revenue in new or growing opportunities, our service’s innovative, time saving measures can change how you accomplish your  goals.

  • Open opportunities, award history, and strategic plans indicate interest, with the only patented tool linking contracts to the decision makers workload.
  • Know who stays and goes should new appointments join the administration
  • Avoid false positives by confirming outdated contacts when you inherit the territory and never take the wrong meeting  
  • Simple to understand, organize, and evaluate upcoming opportunities and ending contracts without hours of training 
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contractor dashboard

Shaping Opportunities

Don’t waste time on pre-decided opportunities – become the top-of-mind relationship. Our clients have found that over 50% of their contracts are awarded from preexisting relationships.  Your public sector sales team needs a solid starting point, and Leadership Connect empowers your team to execute.

  • Track mission owners and establish or reestablish relationships before you need them
  • Stealing vendor relationships and breaking the cycle
  • Following the leaders within the agency to make the pitch
People Alerts
Federal Spend Alert

Land and Expand

The warmest introductions are frequently to adjacent offices within the agency you already are providing a valuable product or service.  Leadership Connect helps clients expand upon their existing footprint by identifying the most likely expansion opportunities.

  • Visualize and identify connected offices to understand where your organization can expand into with the warmest reception  
  • Leverage the network of your existing relationships to get referrals into peer organizations 
  • Identify what other offices have similar needs, have been purchasing similar products, or have existing competitive or partner vendor relationships
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