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As technology continues to evolve, government agencies and contractors are looking for innovation and best practices for scalable and secure data solutions. Leadership Connect hosted a webinar focused on hybrid cloud, public sector compliance, and the opportunities that exist in this ever-evolving sector.

The panelists included:

  • Imran Bashir – Chief Technology Officer at ITC Federal
  • John Sankovich – Chief Executive Officer at Linden Logic
  • Josh Stageberg – Vice President of Product at SolarWinds

Read some of the most important takeaways from the session or watch the recording here.

Navigating the Future of Government Contracting: Harnessing the Power of Hybrid Cloud

The Benefits of Cloud Solutions Present in the Federal Space

  • Government interest in privacy and compliance through FedRAMP
  • There is growing interest in bringing cloud and SaaS into the public sector.
  • Spending is crucial for public sector compliance. Private sector investment is key to unlocking opportunities. There is a need for alignment between public sector requirements and private sector investment.

Hybrid Cloud:

  • Allows for use of innovative and scalable tools through private and public cloud. This creates highly resilient solutions.
  • Make data the subject driving architecture and decision making. It has become crucial to define criteria by focusing on data to build effective and adaptable solutions.
  • By using hybrid cloud in SaaS environment, customers are getting a better product that can go through compliance barriers. It simplifies processes and in the context of the public sector, it makes missions likelier to succeed, especially considering budgetary restrictions. Focus on listening to customers and partners to effectively break down silos and build effective relationships.

Show me how: Network map between Federal Agencies and FSIs

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Key Insights and Advice Towards Implementation

  • Developing clear assessment metrics to best understand what customers want to get out of cloud solutions. Effective assessments breaking down needs and questions to help make the right decisions along customer priorities and needs. This needs to be complemented by a constant feedback loop with the right people which directly leads to designing the right solution.

Show me how: Funding Office – Spending and People

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  • There are a lot of opportunities for the private sector to help connect silos in the public sector. Leveraging current customers to build relationships is key to understanding breakdown structures and where the potential for bridging gaps exists.

Show me how: Federal Organizational Structure

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  • There is a lot of appetite to understand solutions from the security teams in the public sector. It is crucial to explore and reassess options because there are new opportunities opening in the public sector and it has been happening at a faster pace in the past couple of years.
  • Talking to industry experts to gain institutional knowledge is the key to successful innovation. There is no need to start from scratch because there are many solutions that have been developed by industry experts. Use the building blocks that are already there. Focus on what really matters.
  • Privacy and Security
    • Privacy is a rapidly changing space for the public sector. When approaching this sector, it is important to be explicit and thoughtful. Solutions need to have security and privacy by design.
  • Good partners in the public sector are crucial to implementing successful solutions.
    • Find people who are collaborative and are looking for partners.
    • Find people who are flexible and focused on innovation.

Show me how: Innovation

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Excitement about the future of Federal IT and Cloud Solutions

  • “Data, data, data”
    • Leverage data with the tools that exist now.
      • Make sure it is relevant and accessible.
      • Where is it and how do we/you get insights from it?
    • Technology is moving forward so fast and there is an exciting future for these solutions to support humanity in an accelerated fashion.

Missed the discussion? View the panel here.

Rodrigo Salazar Ortega

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