Leadership Connect has been connecting leaders in business, government, and media for half of a century.  Its founders, having backgrounds that traversed the military, law, politics, business, media and philanthropy, recognized the importance of identifying, learning about, and contacting leaders in all of those fields.  Today, we continue that focus by tracking leaders, maintaining detailed profiles on those individuals, and helping our 4,000 clients connect with them.

We work with nearly every U.S. government agency, many S&P 500 companies, and leading organizations in media, consulting, law, banking, and the not-for-profit world.  We help everyone from marketing and business development teams to senior leaders prep for important meetings, build existing relationships, and find new ones.

Our clients trust their reputations to the quality of our data.  We have the highest quality profile information available, using a highly educated team of U.S.-based analysts, many who have worked in industry.  We couple this team together with our powerful algorithms to deliver a level of depth that is available nowhere else.  When acting on bad profile information risks losing or weakening a relationship, thousands of users rely on us daily.

We are privately held with offices in New York and DC.

Research & Update Process

Leadership Connect’s content department, located in New York, NY and Washington, DC, verifies and updates our data daily. All changes appear in our products the next morning.

The department covers 8 main communities: federal, congress, state & local government, news media, law & lobbying firms, companies, nonprofits & associations, and courts. The content team for each community ensures that all information listed for people, positions, and organizations remains comprehensive and accurate.

We use advanced change detection technology to monitor primary source websites. Email verification tools help us ensure deliverability, uncover changes, and maintain compliance with federal laws.

Primary sources include staff lists, press release feeds, and mandated government filings.

Secondary sources are those containing information that wasn’t released directly from the affected organization, including news sites, blogs, and any user-generated content. All information received from a secondary source is always verified directly with the organization before it appears in our products.

content managers in NYC and DC
unique communities covered
all changes are verified directly with the organization or individual affected