Our Story

Your Needs Have Changed.
So Have We.

When the company was founded over 50 years ago by two Fortune 500 CEOs and a White House staffer, information transferred much more slowly. Printed directories were all clients needed to get in touch with leadership.

Times have changed, and so has the technology we use to find information and communicate with others – inspiring our team to re-think how to connect in a modern and simplified way. These changes led to the creation of Leadership Connect, a vital tool in relationship building for policymakers and professionals nationwide.

Leadership Connect provides productivity solutions for:
Government AffairsGovernment ContractorsCongressFederal Government
People Alerts
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Meet the Team

Bios of Connectors Across Departments


Connectors advising 40,000 of the most powerful people in the US


Physical and virtual offices in the US, headquartered in DC


In-house tech team


Connected team collaborating in the cloud
professional relationships


A team built on core values


Like our app, Connectors can find the right people in our own company to share ideas and have a sense of ownership. Everyone is accessible, no matter the title.


In addition to providing consultative services to our clients, we come together as a team for community service.

Intellectual Curiosity

Every Connector constantly learns more about their community, industry trends, and ways we can deliver the highest quality services. The company is dedicated to offering professional development to advance careers.