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Professionals in government affairs, policy making, and crisis management have sought assistance from Leadership Connect in dealing with the nation’s Coronavirus (COVID-19) response. We’ve been helping clients such as federal departments, state government agencies, top nonprofits, and advisory firms reach the key influencers. Below, we’ve curated some searches and profiles focused on Coronavirus that you can view and share with your teams.

Leadership Connect wants to do its part in helping combat this pandemic, so if your organization does not have access to a particular community (e.g. State & Local), we will be happy to add it for no charge for the next 6 months. Just contact us. This offer is available to all clients using Leadership Connect for policy outreach.


How We Help

Every day, our data science teams add profiles of new teams and people focused on COVID-19 response. For example, you can find the President’s new Coronavirus Task Force and the main point of contact working directly with Vice President Mike Pence.

Coronavirus Response Birx Health agencies such as the CDC, NIH, and HHS will be the main parties overseeing response but agencies in DHS, such as ICE (for prevention of infection in detainee populations), and the DOD (housing active, high-risk quarantined people from returning from overseas while also protecting the force’s health) worldwide will also be major recipients of the emergency funding at the federal level. Similar operative agencies (health and emergency management) should see crisis fund infusions at the state level. Particularly, funds will flow to areas of the country where we see more highly concentrated outbreaks of the virus. At the state level, we are seeing groups formed within the governors’ offices in addition to activity within Health & Human Services departments along with Homeland Security departments.

Our users are already viewing the profiles and performing the searches below to help react to the crisis. If you need assistance, please contact your account manager or click the chat box during normal business hours. We are here to help!


Coronavirus Outreach Examples




State & Local Government


Think Tanks


Companies heavily leveraged in the pharmaceutical market will be involved in any supply chain talks with the government.


Federal Spending & Policy Changes

The coronavirus funding bill, which started out at as a $1.25 billion request, bulged to $8.3 billion. $3.1 billion of that is going to the HHS’ Office of the Secretary. NPR Health Policy Reporter Selena Simmons-Duffin highlights some of the funding dispersion and what may be missing from the bill.

At the time of this writing the President declared a national emergency, providing about $50 billion in federal aid to fight the pandemic.

COVID-19 has forced the administration to reevaluate recent restrictions on telework policies across agencies. Many government employees can seamlessly work from home using their same contact info as easily as they do from the office, but during the past few years these telework policies were curtailed or limited, meaning more employees were deployed full-time onsite. Look for these policies to relax, temporarily or longer-term, as a result of the outbreak.

Leadership Connect will keep you in touch with these key respondents. If you have any further questions, please let us know.

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