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Let Leadership Connect create and maintain your key contacts!

Our solution is trusted by over 1,000 government offices across the U.S.

With a single easy integration, Leadership Connect fills your CRM system to your specifications, with the full universe of offices and contacts you care about. This includes Congress, federal or state-level departments and agencies, journalists and top media organizations, or major US companies.

Leadership Connect then pushes daily updates to your system, making sure the most current information is available for your team.

  • Choose your universe and let Leadership Connect do the work—no manual data entry
  • Have the right contacts and accounts at your team’s fingertips every day
  • Append existing offices and contacts with the best data on the market
  • No time wasted contacting the wrong people
No surfing the web for prospects
do not alienate your professional relationships
Beware Bad Data

Acting on wrong information about a person, such as role, background, or email, results in:

  • Deleted email
  • Email blacklisting
  • Reputation harm
  • Alienating important relationships

Compatible With Your CRM

And All Email Services

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