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That was the claim of a headline from a prominent news article. At Leadership Connect, we decided to analyze over 600 members of President-elect Joe Biden’s transition team and test that theory. Our team built out biographies on each team member, including career history and education background.

What we discovered may surprise you. It’s true the plurality of transition team members came from former administrations. However, more than 60% of all team members did not. In fact, almost 50% come from outside government, having worked in the nonprofit and private sectors. Less than 5% come from the law and lobbying sectors.

BidenharristeamWithin the 38% of team members who hail from prior administrations, ¾ of that group did work in the Obama administration. But there are quite a few with experience working in the Bush and Trump administrations.

FmradminIf you want to see the full team and their details, you can log into your Leadership Connect account and see the team here: Biden-Harris transition team.

Click the org chart to see the full team:


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