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Beware Bad Data

Acting on wrong information about a person, such as role, background, or email, results in:

  • Deleted email
  • Email blacklisting
  • Alienating important relationships
do not alienate your professional relationships
CRM Data Accuracy
Most CRMs are Full of Bad Data

Inject Your CRM With New and Updated Contacts

  • CRM data accuracy averages less than 30%, meaning only 3 in 10 contacts have accurate information
  • Our research shows that over 1/3 of data changes every year
  • Bad data jeopardizes your reputation and email deliverability
  • Access new leads for government, business, and advisory organizations
No Surfing!

Don’t pay your valuable staff to surf the web for prospects and profiles

  • Average CRM users spend 31% of their time researching content
  • This costs firms thousands of dollars in lost productivity!
No surfing the web for prospects
No need to manually enter data
No data entry

Why have your team manually enter data when Leadership Connect can do everything for you?

  • Easy solutions
  • No need for technical resources
  • Enjoy a full pipeline
  • Targeted lists can be saved, so arrivals in roles you care about automatically enter as leads
  • Custom Leadership Datafeeds® are available in your preferred format to save you time

Compatible With Your CRM

And All Email Services

Make Your CRM Investment Come Alive

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Your Reachable Contacts

Time Wasted Researching

Contact Data Changes Annually

Leadership Connect Accuracy