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Most people find internet access easily attainable. While that’s the case for most of America, Hispanic and Latino communities are among those who have faced challenges due to rural locations and antiquated infrastructure. According to a Dell Technologies article, Increasing broadband access for Latino communities across AmericaLULAC and SER have joined forces to combat the issue.

While their initiative will advocate for universal access, Leadership Connect offers a solution to help non-profits and companies build relationships with subject matter experts and influencers across the public and private sectors.


Current Broadband Bills in Progress

Who’s Who in the Wireless Telecommunications Bureau [WTB]


Policy Influencers


NGO’s & Interest Groups


State & Local Leaders and Influencers


According to Tom Wheeler, Visiting Fellow – Governance Studies, Center for Technology Innovation at The Brookings InstitutionStriking a deal to strengthen broadband access for all”, President Biden has appointed Vice President Harris to take the lead on the broadband component of his infrastructure plan demonstrating the issue’s high priority. As we observe the developments in the coming months, Leadership Connect will continue to stay ahead of the fast-paced changes of who’s who in broadband.

Juniper Thren

Senior Director - Non-Profits and Associations