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We are pleased to support our partner, Brookings, with data to help their scholars, Gregory S. Dawson, Kevin C. Desouza and James S. Deneford  follow the federal trail of money to understand the federal market for AI work.

Key Findings in their article:

  • Out of the 15 NAICS code categories identified in contracts, the data show that over 95% of the AI-labeled expenditures are in NAICS 54, which is for professional, scientific, and technical services.
  • The second most frequently used code was NAICS 33 (manufacturing), with only 16 unique awards valued under $7 million (0.5% of the total expenditures), so it is clear that NAICS 54 dominates.
  • While there are 15 different funding agencies within NAICS 54, 53% of the contracts and 87% of contract value sit within the Department of Defense (DoD). Health and Human Services (HHS) and NASA are distant second to the DoD in terms of number of contracts (with 17% each).
contracts by agency
As the first piece in a series of four, Brookings, in partnership with Leadership Connect, will evaluate experience, relationships, federal spend, and other themes in coming pieces.
Juniper Thren

Senior Director - Non-Profits and Associations