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Julie Pace

Out of some 50 candidates, The Associated Press picked Julie Pace as its executive editor and senior vice president. Pace led the AP through coverage of the Trump and Biden administrations as its Washington bureau chief, starting in 2017. She replaces Sally Buzbee, who left in June to become executive editor of The Washington Post.

Pace said in the above announcement,

Breaking news will remain the backbone of the AP’s report, but journalists will quickly move to provide analysis, context and fact-checking to those stories.

Quicker fact-checking is something sorely needed in the digital info age, the ramifications of which are highlighted in this roundup.

Bringing her background as a public communicator to her role, Pace will work to steer the company towards a greater leadership role in the news industry. She contributes on-air analysis to CNN, ABC, Fox News, and other networks, and has been with the AP since 2007, when she joined as a video producer.

On the very next steps, Pace said it was important to push all of the AP’s journalists — text reporters, video, still photographers, fact checkers and graphics producers — out of individual silos to work together in presenting compelling stories.

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