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Kay Steiger

Kay Steiger, who until last week was handling politics and policy as Vox’s Washington editor, is making a “top secret” move to a news organization to build a political news team.

Steiger started at Vox in December 2015 as deputy politics editor. She previously edited for ThinkProgress, Talking Points Memo, Raw Story, The Washingtonian, and Campus  Progress. This was after her early days as a blogger at The American Prospect (Vox Pop).

Upon leaving Vox, Steiger parted ways with political editors Libby A. Nelson, Caroline Houck, and Aaron Rupar. While her work consisted mostly of editing, Steiger also authored a variety of noteworthy articles throughout her career at Vox, including this election results explainer and this piece that highlighted Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez as a strong opponent to Joe Crowley in the 2018 Democratic Congressional Primary.

Steiger named a lot of people in her thread above. It’s not a far stretch to think those connections will come in handy in the future. Leadership Connect will keep you posted.

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