Our Communities

Includes think tanks, PACs, and higher education
Judges and clerks
Members, leadership, all staff, committees & caucuses
EOP, all agencies, reporting structure
Elected & appointed officials, state legislators, major agency staff
National & regional journalists and producers
Partners and administration for the top 200 firms
Executives, board members, general counsels, and government affairs at the top companies

Leadership Connect is a people intelligence service that has been connecting leaders in business, government, and nonprofits for 50 years.

The unique relationships we have with our 4,000 clients allow us to get data available nowhere else, and that helps them connect to other community members.



are also our

Community Members

and our


Problems We Solve

For Law Firms

Identify & track key relationships in complex organizations

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Know who all the key, senior influencers are across all communities

Maximize billable hours, by no longer surfing the web for data that can't be trusted

Fulfill client matters working with legislative staffers, federal & state officials

Leverage relationships with think tanks, nonprofits, legislators, and aligned corporations

Access Leadership Connect Your Way

You're busy so we deliver our service wherever you need it


The most advanced mobile people intelligence service

Know who’s in a room

View staff lists with color photos, so you know the names and details of everyone in the room.

Turn small accounts into big ones

Connect with several decision makers to surround a relationship.

Navigate complex organizations

Easy searching, “reports to” links, and hierarchy help you understand an organization vertically and horizontally.

Use the app any time, any place

Just authenticate with your email address once and you can access people intelligence any time.


Web-based SaaS with extra power to create targeted groups

Quick searches, plus the ability to create targeted lists for:

  • Outreach
  • Thought Leadership
  • Email Campaigns

Org Charts

  • Full reporting structure for federal, state, and local government organizations
  • Photos indicate the head of each office
  • Print the parts of complex agencies that you care about

Leadership Networks

Actionable Relationship Analysis

  • Get referrals to people you need to know
  • Leverage your best contacts’ connections
  • See how your organization is connected to another
  • View a person’s top relationships, including family, classmates, former coworkers, and members of the same associations

Weekly Intelligence Briefings

Track changes to the relationships you care about

Actionable changes to the clients, peers, and relationships important to you

Be the first to act on new arrivals or departures

Congratulate people on promotions

Each change links to a detailed profile with full bio

Workflow Integration

Connect without leaving your preferred software


  • Easy searching, photos, and hierarchy help you understand an organization and find the right person to contact.
  • Add a person’s name, phone number, email, title, and organization to your contacts with just 1 click.
  • Just authenticate with your email address once and you can access people intelligence any time.
  • Outlook desktop or on the web. No technical resources needed!

CRM & Data Integration