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The Leadership Connect data science team looked at federal awards with public universities over the past five years to analyze how much government work they receive and which offices work with each school. We then compare a school to their peers. We are posting our findings for the Top 20 Public schools according to U.S. News’ popular ranking.

The University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign ties with the College of William & Mary at #13.

Some individuals who may have been involved in federal spend decisions with the university include Governor J.B. Pritzker; their Chief of Staff Anne M. Caprara; and University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign Chancellor Dr. Robert J. Jones.

u of i #13 fedspend


Funding Office NameFunding Department/AgencyTotal Number of AwardsTop NAICS CodesTotal Dollars Obligated
NASA Shared Services CenterNational Aeronautics and Space Administration99541715$39,848,959
National Heart, Lung and Blood InstituteUnited States Department of Health and Human Services9541715$12,117,317
Construction Engineering Research LaboratoryUnited States Department of Defense26541715$11,457,661
Contract Management OfficeUnited States Department of Defense8541715$9,227,964
Office of Acquisition ServicesUnited States Department of Transportation10541715$4,024,338
Office of the DirectorUnited States Department of Homeland Security2541990$3,996,451
Office of Cancer SurvivorshipUnited States Department of Health and Human Services7541714$3,834,045
Military MissionsUnited States Department of Defense6541715$3,560,995
Engineer Research and Development CenterUnited States Department of Defense11541715$3,090,776
Naval Service Training CommandUnited States Department of Defense12611310$2,322,485
Jesse Brown VA Medical CenterUnited States Department of Veterans Affairs11541714$1,543,277
Jaycie Risch

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