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Capitolcongressfeature Actionable news awards this week go to former CISA Director Chris Krebs, who wants to partner up in the battle against misinformation, and to Popular Information Writer Judd Legum, whose article caused corporate America to rethink political donations. Both topics may be why a growing number of organizations are cutting ties with President Donald Trump (who responded to social media banning him) and his associates. White House staffers are also having trouble finding jobs.

This admission of guilt shows Krebs has his work cut out for him.


  • As Krebs writes, last week’s attack on the Capitol shows how disinformation has real world, human consequences. To that end, Krebs is joining Aspen Digital as its first Senior Newmark Fellow in Cybersecurity Policy and chair of the new bipartisan commission. To battle mis- and disinformation, he wants to bring together researchers, tech leaders, media specialists, private sector practitioners, and policymakers.
  • There’s a reckoning in corporate America. As written here, last week, Popular Information contacted 144 corporations and asked if they would continue to support the Republican members of Congress who objected to the certification of the Electoral College vote. Few responded with actions (Marriott, BlueCross Blue Shield, and Commerce Bank) until the story was picked up by major news outlets – then the dam broke. That’s a major win for accountability journalism. Profiled by Bloomberg, executives may want to start reading Legum’s newsletter to head off any bad press.

On the Movers & Shakers front, it seems most news organizations waited a week to make changes. A few highlights we picked from our service include:

Once again, we should give a shoutout to photojournalists such as Igor Bobic and Ash Gilbertson, giving the human element to stories. Here’s a good thread:

And here are some post-impeachment links to pay attention to:

We were battling 15,000 people. It looked like a medieval battle scene.

Baz Hiralal

Managing Editor, Thought Leadership