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160218753326742939 (1) The New York Times just created Pivotal, a platform that allows marketers to gain insight into consumer behavior. The Times conducted extensive research before launching Pivotal, collecting important data surrounding its own viewership. They outlined recommendations around six key territories: race, climate, sex, gender, tech, and money.

A few key findings were that in the beginning of summer, “views to Times stories on race, protests, and police violence were four times higher than other articles;” 71% of Times readers agree that companies should educate consumers on climate change; and that 61% of Times readers would be willing to forgive a company that makes a mistake in the area of gender equality.

Pivotal will continue to conduct research and make findings available to marketers. In addition, they will soon introduce different methods through with markets can utilize Pivotal’s insights and engage with their experts.

While there was no mention of a steward for the project, the announcement included statements from Erin Hennessy, executive director of insights; and Allison Murphy, senior vice president, Ad Innovation.

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